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A solution that makes it easy
to see product freshness
from processing to final

Specialty for poltry industry
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The production of perishable foods is subject to strict legal regulations across the board, the expiry date of these products is the aspect that fluctuates the most and where complying with legal restrictions becomes the most complicated.

European regulations are constantly evolving to better determine and match the estimated expiry and preferred consumption date with the food’s actual freshness.

1. Smart solution

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Packaged chicken breast is one of the most popular and consumed foods today.

Competition for shelf space forces packaging companies and food distributors to find ways to differentiate themselves from other competitors, increase business efficiency and offer customers the best possible product.

Exclusive new indicator patented by Kao Chimigraf. The Freshcode is a unique visual indicator, the only one of its kind on the market that displays the guaranteed real freshness of packaged chicken breasts.

Real freshness in plain view throughout the handling, storage, distribution and sale of packaged chicken breasts

2. Looking to the future of poultry product sales

Our smart indicator makes it possible for the industry to adapt food conservation and sales trends.

Freshcode's innovative colour indicator lets consumers, distributors and packers know the ideal consumption period for filleted and deboned chicken breasts in modified atmosphere packaging (MAP).

Freshly packaged

The white centre of the Freshcode indicator is impregnated with our intelligent ink, which captures the emission of volatile gases released during the spoilage of chicken breasts in modified atmosphere packaging (MAP).

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End of product life

This intelligent ink gradually changes colour to indicate the level of freshness. The product is no longer suitable for consumption when the indicator turns fully black.

end of product life

Technical guarantees

Freshcode has been developed in our own R&D laboratory together with the ITENE Packaging, Transport and Logistics Technological Research Center and is backed by the EFSA’s favourable opinion regarding the safety of this indicator.

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3. Freshness favours you

Freshcode is a product with high technological value that provides a highly differentiated commercial and operational reliability to the end-to-end production and consumption chain.


Distribution chains

  • Increases sales with a product that brings added value and reliability to the consumer, ensuring that the entire product sold is fresh.
  • Allows individual food safety controls.
  • Allows monitoring of suppliers in the distribution chain.

Poultry product processors and packers

  • Displays and guarantees product quality and freshness.
  • Increases demand and sales.
  • Improves brand positioning.
  • Aligned with European regulations for smart packaging. Backed by the ESFA’s favourable opinion.


  • Extends consumption period.
  • Promote food waste reduction.
  • Improves food safety by reducing the risk of illness and poisoning.
  • Monitors quality.

Talent is our driving force,
colour is our passion

Kao Chimigraf has been committed to quality since 1970.

We are a worldwide leader in the production of inks and varnishes for flexography, rotogravure and digital printing systems. Years of accumulated know-how make it possible for us to offer highly valued technological solutions for the food packaging industry.

We adapt to market demands in over 60 countries in Europe, America, the Middle East, North Africa and Asia, with our Technical Assistance teams fully involved in our customers’ projects.

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